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Updated gallery!
Friday, 19 December 2008
The gallery has been updated with some new characters: each screenshot shows the concept art and the resulting 3D model.

Each character is low poly and has a full set of bones, though obviously you can't see it from the screenshots, and is suited for rendering as well as realtime use thanks to well thought of use of subdivision modelling.
New servers up and running!
Monday, 19 May 2008

We've finally switched to new servers, and updated our website accordingly!

 Behind this small independent studio there are two partners working as freelance artists and developers since 2001. Our track record features web design, coding and art for commercial arcade games, multimedia applications, 3D modelling and rendering of cars and fashion products, plus topography and urbanistic studies for architecture.

This website serves as our portfolio for art and development related services, and as a shop for our products.

We can produce anything from static illustrations to high detailed animated models scaled to low poly if required and including normal, specular and subsurface scattering maps. We can also provide graphics for casual games at very reasonable prices and so affordable by any independent developer.

We also provide web design services for both dynamic and static sites, from planning to actual deployment: describe what you need, discuss the designs we propose, and then just see everything up and running.


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